The whys of animals

The whys of animals

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Do centipedes really have a hundred paws? Why should we drive away the flies? Why does the cock sing so early?

In this section, we present various curiosities about animals.

Why do cats purr?

Cats purr when they feel good and when we pet them. It is a sign of pleasure. They are two vocal cords at the back of the throat that vibrate, making this characteristic sound.

Is it true that cats see at night?

In the dark, cats see much better than we do. Your pupil may dilate greatly and notice the slightest trace of light. But in total darkness, they don't see anything either!

Why do ants move in an Indian queue?

It is not to get lost! Walking, ants put in their path a fragrant substance that all ants in the same family recognize. Just follow this fragrant path to return home!

Why do bees make honey?

To feed the other bees and the larvae that live in the hives. The hives are huge honey plants. For beekeepers, simply harvest this delicacy while being careful with the bites!

Why should we drive away the flies?

Flies usually land in dirty places that are nests of microbes, such as trash, droppings… After landing on us or on food, they can bring dirt or transmit disease.

Why are cockroaches so nasty?

When cockroaches settle in a house they invade everything. They hide in the dark corners, multiplying at full speed. They are invaders that we need to expel.

Why does the mantis have this name?

It is because of the position of his front paws: when they are united, people say he is praying. But it's nothing like that! They are always ready to pounce and grab prey…

Do centipedes really have a hundred paws?

Centipedes have hundreds of paws. It is the animals that have the most paws!

Does a horse suffer when horseshoes are placed?

The horses' hooves are made of keratin, a very hard protein from which oxen horns and our nails are made. Therefore, the horse does not suffer when horseshoes are placed, at least no more than when we cut our nails!

Why does the cock sing so early?

Cocoricó! Since sunrise, the rooster crows to show others that he is there and is the head of the house!

Do zebras have equal stripes?

No, each animal has its own stripes: they are different from each other and serve to recognize zebras. Each species of zebra has a type of stripe, which can be: thin or wide, darker or lighter…

Are bats birds?

No, they are mammals; the only ones capable of flying like birds. Their wings have no feathers: they are of skin and attach to the body at the very long toes.

How can the dromedary live in the desert?

The dromedary can stay 15 days without drinking or eating! It withstands heat very well, can close its nostrils in a sandstorm, its body is able to store a large amount of water, its hump contains a reserve of fat that gives it energy and, to finish, it can walk a lot time in the sand without tiring.