Help with histological cell identification in colon

Help with histological cell identification in colon

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I have scans of a histology slide of tissue of colorectal cancer and its surrounding tissue. This slide has been stained with the typical Hematoxylin & Eosin (HE) staining then unstained and stained again with two immunehistochemical markers, one for each B- and T-Lymphocytes. Those markers are CD3 for T-cells (which appears red) and CD20 for B-cells (which appears brown). The two scans were then aligned so that it is easy to identify a lymphocyte on the immunehistochemical stain (IHC stain) and find that exact cell in the HE stain.

After looking at these scans for some time I noticed, that there was a cell type that, to me, looks indistinguishable from a lymphocyte on the HE stain but clearly expresses neither CD3 nor CD20 when referencing the IHC stain. These cells are mostly found inside colon epithelium or cancer. Below are two images (one in the HE stain and one in the IHC stain) with two example cells marked with red arrows.

My question is what type of cell this is? Could it be some sort of precursor cell or sub-class of T- or B-cells, that expresses neither CD3 nor CD20? Is it even an immune cell at all?

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